A Cherry on Top!

Cherry Sundaes with Chocolate Cherry Sauce!

It’s as good as it looks! Scarlett certainly thinks so!!! Cherry Sundaes with Chocolate Cherry Sauce…

Last year my friend, Sandy, made these amazing Chocolate Cherry Sundaes for my birthday. I had to ask for the recipe… she was so wonderful to share!

This is Sandy’s go-to dessert she found in Bon Appetit years ago!

Go to recipe section to print recipe.

So when cherries came into season this summer and I needed a great dessert for a little girlie get together… I knew just what to serve!

I used vanilla bean gelato and Lindt Sea Salt Chocolate when I made them.

I did a trial run freezing the entire sundae but found I didn’t like the cherries frozen… notice my freezer has lots of frozen martini glasses!

To save time, you can make the chocolate one week in advance and then just heat it up!

Thank you Sandy for my new favorite dessert!

















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  1. Cynthia says:

    Yummy! Make it for me pretty please 🙂 xoxox C.

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