I decided to write “Pamela Says” as a travel / lifestyle blog because I find myself constantly trying to “create the perfect experience.” I thought I’d share some of these experiences and ideas just in case they might be of use to others.

When I’m making plans to take a trip, throw a party, celebrate a special occasion or the like, my husband will take a deep breath and smile, or sigh, while asking, “What are you trying to create, Pam?” And my answer is always the same, “The perfect experience.”

Up until now, I’ve just been sharing my ideas with friends and family via emails and scrawls on napkins, so I started this blog hoping to organize my ideas and reach more people at the same time.


I’m a lover of travel, art, food, books, design, entertaining, shopping and of course, fun! Although I always aim for perfection, I’m not too hard on myself. If I put together an experience that inspires or brings family and friends together in a wonderful and memorable way, than I’ve done a good job. I hope these musings will spark ideas and somehow enhance your own perfect experience!

When I refer to Chris, he is my husband and main travel partner, he inspires me to create “the perfect bite” (the name he wanted me to call the blog in the first place) because not only am I trying to create the perfect experience, I strive to recommend a few great tastes!  From cocktails and snacks, to a few things to order at any given restaurant.  I’ll suggest a few things and you can take it from there.

And then there is Scarlett.  She is our beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she has spectacular taste!

Nicki Riedel, of Dear Pixels is the creative director behind my site, and Kristin Craig, of 428 Designs, is the mastermind of the engineering.  Cheers to both of you!