The Thriller, Spiller and Filler


I was introduced to the concept of “thriller, spiller and filler” by my good friend, Vicky, of the beautiful and inspirational home and garden blog, The Creeping Fig.  It’s an easy way to  tidy up your urns or containers anytime. At the bottom of this post I have a link that will take you to a video Vicky made demonstrating the concept.


I was having a little get together and realized  that spring had sprung and my urns needed a little attention, so I stopped by my nursery and picked up some “thriller” (the planter focal point), “spiller” (the cascading feature), and “filler” (a subtle highlight for the eye).  So easy! Here I used ivy to spill, white alyssum to fill and a boxwood ball to thrill! (In the first photo at top I used ivy, fern and a hydrangea)


Simple and elegant!!!

Go to to see Vicky’s video!!!

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  1. Love this! So clever and useful. Can’t wait to try it. xo C.

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