Flour + Water-SF Restaurant: Pizza and Pasta at its Finest!!!

Two months to the day…that’s how long it takes to get a reservation at Flour + Water.  A great restaurant that features simple Italian food with great ambiance.  They leave half the restaurant open for walk-ins but being that it’s in the Mission District, I have never wanted to drive out there and wait…and wait…


So I set an alarm two months ago and made my reservation!  The day of, Chris asks, “Where are we going? Flower and Water, is this some kind of Garden Party?”  I say,” No, it’s Flour and Water, like the ingredients for pasta and pizza out in the Mission.” “Really, we have to take a cab out to the Mission?”  I say, “it’s supposed to be fun, loud music great pizzas and pasta, I’ve had this reservation for two months.”  “Ok, I’ll look it up in the Zagat Guide… mmm..looks really good!”


We were not disappointed, the food was wonderful.  Chef-owner Thomas McNaughton is making incredibly fresh preparations!   Our favorites were the thin crust Margherita Pizza, The Pappardelle with braised pork (above)


The Teleme Scarpinocc with Aceto Balsamico (trust me, I can’t pronounce it, but it was delicious).  Perfectly cooked pockets topped with a salty teleme (a local SF soft cheese) cheese and a sweet aged balsamic, a perfect balance!

And  we loved the Stewed Beans with Bacon!!!  They were smoky with crunchy breadcrumbs on top, soo delicious, it’s just a little side dish.


And…the Berthona Bianco was a beautiful pairing with all the pizza and pasta!

P.S. I’m adding this to my SF Restaurant Favorites!

Flour + Water
2401 Harrison St
San Francisco CA, 94110

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  1. Nicki says:

    Wow looks great Pam! This blog is so fab!

  2. Kathy Frederickson says:

    When eating at Flour + Water, I have qued in the line at 5PM. You can always get in IF you want to eat early. It’s just another way to go if your are a fly by the seat of your pants type person.
    thanks for posting fun spots to eat at in SF!

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