A Girls’ Day Out in Beverly Hills


I’m always trying to create the perfect experience and I think Chelsea and I got this Beverly Hills shopping day down… without breaking the bank!  Start by parking your car behind Saks Fifth Avenue on Wilshire Boulevard…


Walk through the store to the front, eyeing all the beautiful bags and shoes and go out the door and cross the street to  Juan Juan Salon for a blow dry… be sure you plan your shopping day on a Friday so you’re all ready for the weekend!


This was Chelsea’s college graduation weekend so we spoiled ourselves!  Even though you’re in a fancy salon in Beverly Hills, blow outs are $35, the same price as a blow dry bar!


I’m obsessed with Raphael, he’s my go to guy!


Then it’s off to lunch. One of our favorite spots is Il Postaio on Canon Drive… Giocamino Drago’s first restaurant. It’s not terribly expensive and the food and service are The best!  Also try Porta Via Bistro, also on Canon, it’s a little more chichi!




At Il Pastaio, we like to get the Capricciosa, their signature chopped salad and Aragosta, the lobster salad, but trust me everything is delicious!


Another restaurant we love is Villa Blanca on Brighton Way with its wonderful people watching and stylishly white interior.  It’s owned by Lisa Vanderpump who stars on “The Housewives of Beverly Hills”.  I know her from my favorite show, “Dancing With The Stars”!!!


Try the Chicken Lettuce Cups!  Oh and of course, a glass of Rose!!!


Chris even got to come along to another of our favorites spots… Bedford and Burns, on North Bedford Drive right around the corner from the Juan Juan Salon. They have the best tortilla soup and Bloody Marys!


Olive and June nearby on Canon Drive is a great place for a mani/pedi!


Edelweiss Chocolate Factory is an institution. Stop in for a piece of chocolate… I’m partial to the dark chocolate covered honeycomb!


It will always be remembered as the inspiration for the famous chocolate factory conveyer belt scene in “I Love Lucy” (watch)


All of the chocolates are made by hand. Ask to go in the back to watch them being made… chocolate covered pears! Yum!!


And don’t forget all the spectacular shopping to be had! You can find all these same shops at any mall anywhere but in downtown Beverly Hills its so much more fun and glamorous! Right?


Our favorite store on Rodeo Drive is Christian Dior.  It features very cool contemporary art such as this coffee table which has ceramic shoes and purses inside with a foil like tapestry in the background!  Also, there just happens to be the cutest pink bag I fell in love with… but I refrained… for now!!!


Chelsea is sitting on a couch made of nickels… very fun!


On the way back, stop into the make-up department at Saks to get a make-over, pick up a few things and have your parking validated for the day!


Our favorite make-up artist is Bita from Dior. She spoils us with bottles of water and lots of deluxe samples!  What a special day and now we are ready for the weekend!!!








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  1. I want to go on the girls day in BH next time!!! xo

  2. Laurie says:

    I want to come next time!!

    • Pamela Blackwell says:

      I want you to come too Laurie and Cynthia, now Chelsea will be even closer!!! Let’s plan it~

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