Mini Gourmet Cupcakes


I’m so excited about my latest discovery: the most beautiful and delicious mini cupcakes from Polka Dotz Mini Gourmet Cupcakes!!! The other day I ran in to my friend Ellen in Los Gatos on her way to Icing on the Cake trying to find some mini cupcakes, but they don’t make mini cupcakes… not even by special order… where could she go?¬† Days later, I was attending an event and these special cupcakes were being served! I found out where they came from and best of all found out they deliver…no driving required!!! So now Ellen can have a great mini cupcake shop and one that delivers!


Each one is its own little work of art and everything is hand made… even the little chocolate hearts on top!!!


My favorite is the Burnt Almond!


They were so accommodating… I called that morning¬† and she whipped up my gorgeous little cakes that same day and delivered them right to my hair salon… now that’s service!!!¬† I’m excited to share this with all my girls!!!!

or Call: 1.408.221.4540

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  1. Gorgeous!!! What a find.

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