Napa-Morimoto – I’m going back!!!


We have been fortunate enough to dine at Morimoto in downtown Napa twice now with our friend Nicki… it is always a special treat because she knows the best things to order!  The award winning chef, Morimoto has become a star with a formula that’s fresh, flavorful and utterly fantastic!  My favorites are the Toro Tartare (above) and the Rock Shrimp Tempura (below). The Toro (a high grade fatty tuna) is chopped into a paste and placed into a shallow wooden tray and served with six condiments – Nori Paste, Wasabi, Sour Cream, Chives, Guacamole and Rice Crackers. Everyone gets to create their special combinations with their very own little “shovel”… it feels very ceremonial! With so many perfect flavors,  it never seems like enough… I’ll just have to go back for more!!!


And then there is the Rock Shrimp Tempura!  The two shrimp choices are prepared the same but with two different sauces – a mildly spicy Kochujan Sauce (red) and a Wasabi Aioli (green).  I think I like the Wasabi the best… well actually… umm… I’m not sure… I need to go back!


Yummy!… Get the Sticky Ribs (above)!


And…Gyoza with Bacon Foam!!!


The atmosphere is really fun and lively with an open kitchen!



And I definitely want to go back for more of these yummy cocktails!




I think this wise dragon is calling me back!


Yep…we’re going back!!!!

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  1. Danielle DiMeglio says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this place for such a long time and your post just confirmed that it’s an absolute must-do! Sounds like you had a beautiful time in Napa. Hope all is well!

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