Savannah is always a good idea

Savannah, GA is just about the most beautiful little southern city in the United States.  It is America’s first planned city and has 24 beautiful historic squares, you can practically walk everywhere, but in addition to wandering around by foot, it’s great fun to take a pedicab, one of which awaits in every square.


We decided to start our first day by taking an historic tour.  I recommend the Oglethorpe Trolly Tour, touristy but chalked full of historic information and a great way to introduce yourself to the charm and history of the city.  After our tour of the city, we went back and visited the highlights that had peaked our interests.


A statute of General Oglethorpe, co-founded the city in 1735

Chippewa Square is one of the most beautiful of all the squares. It’s fun because you can see the bench and church from the movie, Forrest Gump.




In Monterey Square you will find the Mercer Williams House, one of the many mansions you can tour and the catalyst for the book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.


The main highlight of Monterey Square was a three-story antique store called, Alex’s Antique House.  it was equally as interesting to roam through and imagine the past in this dusty old house filled with antique treasures as our tour of Mercer Williams House.  I cranked open a window on the third floor and took gorgeous pictures of the views of the city!

Behind Monterey Square on Whitaker Street is a string of little boutiques and interior stores that I loved, but my favorite store in the city is Paris Market and Brocante over on Broughton Street.



The places we dined were: The Olde Pink House, in the 200 year old Planters Inn,  Elizabeth’s on 37th in an old Southern Mansion, and Noble Fare, a less serious but an equally wonderful southern dining experience.  We loved all three!


The Olde Pink House is worth a trip. Be sure to walk around and admire the beautiful pine floors, antiques and peak downstairs at The Planter’s Tavern.


One of the things we enjoyed most on our trip was a “hoe cake” straight from the griddle at Paula Dean’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons, I don’t recommend that you wait in line for the buffet of fried southern cooking, but we had fun going into the gift shop and peaking into the restaurant and watching our (to be new friends) “Jelly Roll” and Sedgewick make hoe cakes and offer us a taste. A very special afternoon in Savannah!

5 Responses to “Savannah is always a good idea”

  1. Alison says:

    Beautiful! Someday…

    • Pamela Blackwell says:

      Allison, it’s such a magical place, with the most friendly people! There is a renowned art school there so you get a young contemporary influence along with old southern charm! Plan a trip to go there along with Charleston!!!!

  2. Kim says:

    Pam, Just finding your blog through The Creeping Fig! So wonderful. I don’t know if you have seen mine.

    I loved these photos of you and your cute sister. What a wonderful trip. Loved to get here one day. It’s absolutely on my list!

    Looking forward to reading more posts!


    • Pamela Blackwell says:

      Kim, I love your blog, Northern California Style, I’m going to Carmel this weekend and read your “what to wear”, perfect timing. I signed up to subscribe!!! You have a great layout and wonderful ideas!

  3. Monster says:

    Excited! Going in November! Backroads…

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