The Cavalier-SF Restaurant: Tony Pub Fare

Last weekend I was in the city and stopped by Neiman Marcus to visit my stylish friend Thierry, a personal shopper in the mens store.  “Where are you dining Pam Pam?” he asked, “The Cavalier?”  “No, we have reservations elsewhere, should I be going there???”  And with a quick call, we were in!  I’m sure it was Thierry’s debonaire french accent that landed us this reservation on a Friday night only three months after it opened. The Cavalier is the new endeavor by Anna Weinberg and husband, James Nicholas of Marlowe and one of my very favorite restaurants, Park Tavern.


Our reservation wasn’t until 8:45, but we were ready early (a bit unusual for me), so we headed to the restaurant to take in the clubby bar scene and met their wonderful mixoligist, Tony, I mean Scott.  I ordered the “Pamela” (not on the menu…he named it after me!), which turned out to be a twist on the classic Manhattan while Lisa had a Vesper, Bob, “The Victorian” (a whiskey drink, see below), and Chris, a “Royal G and T”.


Loved the large square ice cubes!


Bartender, Scott, making “The Pamela”, here he is lighting a lemon peal to go in my drink!  Mmmm…I’m not sure about the the reasoning behind it, but it was delicious!


 Chef, Jennifer Puccio has taken pub food to a new level with hearty fare that is big yet elegant.  Once seated, it felt like we ordered one of everything and shared so we could enjoy lots of flavors! We selected the Blue Bar Burger (with chips and a beautiful tomato chutney), the Fish and Chips  (our waiter had the kitchen change to the beef fries so we could try both types of “chips”), the Salad of Seasonal Greens (a hint of truffle), the Lamb Scrumpets, (delicious fried lamb ribs dish), Minted Peas and Beans (a nice fresh side to counter the other rich choices), the spectacular Duck Duck Scotch Egg (below), the perfectly cooked “Sunday Roast” Chicken, and the best of all, the Roasted Beef Marrow Bone.


The Duck Duck Scotch Egg was a perfectly cooked egg with a crunchy breaded exterior and a sweet chutney relish.


This sophisticated London inspired  brasserie is a fabulously fun addition to the Union Square area!


P.S. Pamela Says: Speak Easies are popping up all over the city, ask your server about the “Private Room” in the back, we did and had a little night cap in this hidden cozy space!

The Cavalier
 360 Jessie Street
San Francisco  CA  94103

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  1. Nicki says:

    You are a great copy writer! This post is great, love the photos.

  2. Alison says:

    The food looks simply delicious, and you look absolutely gorgeous! xx

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